Computer trouble?

Tripping on cables? No lights? Can't print your files? Can't find your files?

Computer locking up? Getting a new computer, component, or small-business network and want it correctly installed?

Take a breather. Bear can help!

We provide on-site computer support in the Paradise/Magalia area (that's in Northern California, for those who are elsewhere). Call for an appointment. No need to unhook cables and put everything in the car: we come to you! Your first half-hour problem assessment is free, and we won't charge a thing if we can't help you. Read more here.

Hey, they other side of the house does software training in Microsoft Office products. We do websites as well, and if your small business needs content or documentation support we write like crazy.

Ready to get things working? Make contact!

What we do:

Computer Support


Websites and Web Content

Copywriting and Editing

Image Editing

We're the people who make you look good! We actually do want your project to succeed.